modern, innovative and demand-controlled relubrication

Automatic dispensing

FlexxPump relubricator and small volume pump

hydraulical or electromechanical lubricant distribution

Intelligent distributing

Distributor, TSPV and ESV

the specific applicator for your lubrication point

Efficient applying

FlexxGear, FlexxPinion and FlexxRoll

TriboServ – Your professional partner for lubrication technology

Dispensing & Dosing

Lubricating Systems FlexxPump

Regularly supplying a lubrication point with small quantities of oil or grease is what the FlexxPump lubricators were developed for. No matter if your application is a bearing, a rack, or an electric motor.

Control & Monitoring

TSPVN, Quick-Check

TriboServ products allow remote monitoring of the lubricator, the optional distributor and the lubrication point(s).


Progressive & Electromechanical

TriboServ offers flexibly configurable distribution systems ranging from classic progressive distributors to individually controllable microprocessor-controlled distributors.


FlexxGear & FlexxPinion

Each surface to be lubricated has its own characteristic. TriboServ offers the right applicator for each lubrication point.

Solutions & Accessories

Accessories & Application consulting

In addition to application advice, TriboServ offers extensive accessories for mounting, hydraulic connection, electrical connection, protection for the FlexxPump and much more.

Lubricants & Cartridges

Grease & Oil

The choice of the most appropriate lubricant is essential for the durability of your machine components. Our product portfolio and our experience offer you decisive advantages for your lubrication points.

Advanced lubrication technology for challenging applications

triboserv products

TriboServ North America Inc. represents TriboServ GmbH & Co. KG. We serve our customers in the US, Canada and Mexico. Thanks to innovative relubrication technology developed and manufactured by TriboServ GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, we can offer you a complete range of products from intelligent pumps, distributors to applicators and everything in between. Whether you need to lubricate a rolling bearing, chain, gear or a linear guide, we have a solution.

We are experts in automatic lubrication in these fields of application

Bearing lubrication


Chain lubrication


Lubrication of linear guidance systems


Lubrication of
ball screws


Gear lubrication


Plain bearing lubrication


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