comp_flexxgear_sp axis

Applicators for every surface

FlexxGear, FlexxPinion, FlexxRoll and Lubricating elements made of PU-foam
for the best possible application at the lubrication point.



The applicators for rack and pinion.


Sizes from module 1.5 up to module 30, straight-toothed, helical right-toothed or helical left-toothed, with or without axis — the variety of products of the TriboServ FlexxGear system offer the right solution for every gearing. With technical advantages compared to felt gears and economical advantages compared to spraying systems, the FlexxGear system is a cost-effective and environmentaly friendly lubricating solution.


As a lubricant grease or oil is possible.


The applicators for chain lubrication.


To minimize wear and elongation of the chain, chains must always be lubricated. Oil must be able to migrate into the lubrication points. The FlexxPinion system uses a PU foam as an oil reservoir. A pinion is mounted to transfer the mechanical load from the chain. Through the rotation and the preload on the FlexxGear, the stored oil is released to the chain in small quantities.


FlexxGear is available for all conventional simplex, duplex and triplex chain systems. For more complicated and special chain designs, the FlexxGear system can be customized.