FlexxPump1 and FlexxPump4 — The lubricators by TriboServ

Smart lubricators for smart factorys.



Small, but powerful. Pressure build-up up to 725 psi (50 bar). That is the FlexxPump1 lubricator.


Cartridges are available with 125 ml or 250 ml grease or oil volume. You can choose the power supply according to your surrounding conditions in the factory. We offer the lubricator as battery version with 4.5V, with a connector for the electrical grid or a PLC control for 24V.


The lubricator can be used as a single point lubricator or also for multi-point lubrication in combination with progressive distributors or electromechanical distributors.


The all-purpose lubricator. Pressure build-up up to 1015 psi (70 bar).


No matter what conditions prevail at your lubrication point, the numerous types of FlexxPump4 available will solve your lubrication problem. Due to the high pressure build-up, the FlexxPump4 can be used on the one hand for very flexible direct lubrication supply of a minimum of one and a maximum of four lubrication points. On the other hand, the high working pressure also enables the use of distribution systems at the individual outlets.


Replaceable cartridges are available in 250 ml or 400 ml sizes.

lubrication system flexxpump4b412