Lubricant distributors

Splitters, progressive distributors or electromechanically
controlled distributors for every possible application.



The uncomplicated one. Cost-effective and balanced dosing on up to 4 outlets.


TriboServ Splitters are flow distributors based on the hydraulic throttle principle. No moving parts are required for distribution either, making the splitter uncomplicated and cost effective. Check valves in the opening direction are provided in each outlet. This prevents the lubricant from moving backwards and thus from flowing back.


Typical applications of the splitters are wherever the back pressures of the lubrication points to be lubricated are not very different from each other.


The all-purpose distributor. Reliable supply of up to 14 lubrication points.


The TSPV is a progressive lubricant distributor for a maximum working pressure of 100bar. It is therefore particularly suitable for use with the lubricant pumps of the TriboServ FlexxPump series. TriboServ progressive distributors are available in several different versions. They differ in the number of outlets and by the characteristics of the dispensing elements. All versions of the TSPV are prefilled with a neutral, food-grade (H1) lubricant, which can be mixed with the lubricants approved by TriboServ GmbH & Co. KG, to simplify the initial commissioning.


By cleverly combining different elements and internally connecting elements, it is possible with the TSPV to generate higher output rates and different output rates from outlet to outlet.




The high-end distributor. Reliable and controllable distribution to up to 8 outlets.


The KV8 is designed as an electromechanically controlled lubricant distributor. Any outlet to outlet ratios can be set as each outlet can be controlled separately. In contrast to lubricant distribution with progressive distributors, the pressure loss with the KV8 is insignificant.



Easy control, feedback and monitoring of the entire lubrication system is possible.