Replacable lubricant cartridges

Replacement cartridges for all lubricators offered by TriboServ.

TriboServ lubricant product range

We offer our customers a wide variety of oils and greases. The standard program includes a lubricant suitable for every application you may have.


fp4 u2 400

400ml cartridge

The standard cartridge for FlexxPump4 lubricators.


TriboServ lubricators provide a simple plug and play solution due to the replaceable cartridges. When the used lubricant cartridge is empty, the lubricator reacts and actively communicates the cartridge's empty status. Loosen the upper part, remove the empty cartridge, mount the new cartridge, mount the upper part again and the lubricator automatically resumes the lubrication process.


Each cartridge is filled using a unique process without air pockets to prevent air in the lubrication system from the start.

125ml cartridge

The smallest cartridge.


Just like the FlexxPump4, the FlexxPump1 operates with a replaceable cartridge system. The standard cartridge size is 125ml. The cartridges for the FlexxPump1 also offer a wide range of selectable lubricants for every application.

fp1 u2 125ml


Product name Application area DIN marking Thickener Base oil dyn. Viscosity
(mm²/s at 40°C)
  • Rolling bearings, universal applications
  • Motors, industrial fans
KP2K-30 Lithium soap Mineral oil 200
  • Linear bearings, ball screw drives, rolling bearings
  • Linear technology, automation and robotics
KP2K-20 Lithium (special) soap Mineral oil 100
  • Gearings, slow-running rolling bearings
  • graphite-free, high corrosion protection
OGP0N-30 Lithium-Calcium-
Complex soap
Mineral oil 800
  • Gearings, slideways
  • High graphite content for the heaviest loads
KPF2P-20 Aluminum-
Complex soap
Mineralöl 500
  • Rolling bearings, plain bearings and guides in the food industry
  • H1 approval, very good corrosion protection
KP2R-25 Calcium sulfonate-
Complex thickener
Medical white oil 100
  • Rolling bearings in critical applications
  • Quickly biodegradable, environmentally friendly outdoors
KPE2K-30 Lithium soap Synthetic oil (ester) 100
  • Rolling bearing, low temperature
  • Lubrication at very low temperatures down to – 30 °C (– 22 °F)
KPHC2P-40 Calcium sulfonate-
Complex thickener
Synthetic oil (PAO) 46
  • Rolling bearing, high temperature
  • Reliable lubrication at very high temperatures
KPHC2P-20 Polyurea thickener Synthetic oil (PAO) 150
  • Spindle bearings and gears at high speed
  • soft grease for high speeds
KP1K-20 Lithium soap +
Polyurea thickener
Synthetic oil / mineral oil mixture 55
  • Spindle bearing, maximum speed
  • Grease for relubrication of high speed bearings
KP2K-30 Lithium (special) soap Mineral oil 22


Product name Application area Base oil dyn. Viscosity
(mm²/s at 40°C)
TSO C150
  • Chains, guides
  • Universal chain oil, H1 approval
Synthetic oil (PAO) 150
TSO C320
  • Chains, guides
  • slightly thicker chain oil, H1 approval
Synthetic oil 320
TSO C4000
  • Chains, gears, guides
  • high adhesion, good creeping behavior, H1 approval
Synthetic oil mixture (PAO, ester) 4000
TSO C6000
  • Gearings, guides
  • extremely high adhesion, very good corrosion protection
Synthetic oil (ester) 30000

More options

Of course, we offer other cartridge sizes in addition to our standard sizes. For the FlexxPump4 and the FlexxPump1, cartridges with 250ml lubricant content are available as an alternative to the standard 400ml or 125ml cartridges.

fp4 u2 250
fp1 u2 250ml