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Condition monitoring

More data, more safety.

progressive distributor with monitoring 8 outlets


Progressive distributor, but smart.


Enhanced by a monitoring unit, the progressive distributor becomes a reliable indicator of functioning lubrication. The TSPVN offers the possibility for functional remote monitoring. A signal transmitted from a pumping piston to a sensor at each circulation generates an evaluable return signal that can be tapped at the plug.

The monitoring function of the TSPVN progressive distributor provides a functional control of the distributor. In addition, further advantages can be drawn from the pure functionality of the progressive distributor.

If it operates properly, you can be sure that

  • the lubricant supply pipe is intact
  • no outlet is blocked.

Via the indicated number of circulations, the amount of lubricant dispensed by the progressive distributor can be seen.

Quick Check

The quick verification for your lubrication point.


Each FlexxPump indicates the approximate back pressure of the lubrication point after the lubricant has been pumped. The indication takes place either on the display or, when connected to a PLC, via a return signal to the PLC. The ability to manually activate a lubrication cycle directly on the FlexxPump allows each outlet to be checked for proper operation periodicly.


The FlexxPump displays the current approximate pressure during the lubrication cycle. After a successful lubrication cycle, the maximum approximate pressure reached during the lubrication cycle shows up.

lubrication system flexxpump4b412

Condition Monitoring

The FlexxPump1 and FlexxPump4 lubricators enable crucial condition monitoring such as lubricant level empty, back pressure and proper functioning message. With battery-powered FlexxPumps, evaluation can take place directly on site, or via LED cable if required. Wired FlexxPumps allow an evaluation directly on site or remote maintenance and evaluation via PLC.

Connection type

We provide a standardized A-coded M12x1 connector for the power supply of the wired FlexxPumps. More information about the characteristic of the connector and the pin assignment can be found in the technical data sheet. Battery-powered FlexxPumps are equipped with a reverse polarity protected plug.